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Buckwheat Pillows



If you suffer from Neck Pain, Back Ache, Snoring, Hot Flashes, Sleeplessness and many more ailments, our pillow will likely be the answer for the following reasons.  Check this out:


1.  PROPER BODY ALIGNMENT.  Proper neck and head support is essential for a good night's sleep.  We all come in different shapes and sizes including our head and neck.  Only Buckwheat Pillows can be adjusted for each person.   Pre-formed pillows are only good for one neck size and heaven forbid you want to roll on your back because these pillows will not fill the extra space neecded.  Whether you're a side, front or back sleeper, our pillows are adjustable for each individual.  If you decide you want to change position, you simply scrunch your pillow to give you the desired amount needed to maintain spine alignment.


2. RESTORATIVE SLEEP.  Proper body alignment will help prevent you from tossing and turning which in turn allows you to get to stage 4 sleep sooner and stay there longer.  This is the stage where your body does it's most amazing job of repairing cells and tissues from the days' abuse.  If you feel like you have slept all night but still wake up tired, it may just be that you were tossing and turning due to an uncomfortable pillow which means you probably didn't get to that stage 4 (dreamstage) sleep. 


3. LONG LASTING SUPPORT.   With an average weight of 17 lbs, we have yet to come across any other pillow that is able to support your head for more than a few minutes.  Our pillows support your head and neck for the entire night.   Buckwheat hulls are what we like to call roughly rounded which means they don't prickle you when sleeping on them but once molded into place they stay right where you put them.  This combination means you get proper support throughout the night.   Your pillow will last you for many years.  In fact it's not unusual for us to hear of people who have had their pillow for more than 15  years.  What a great investment.


4.  ANTI-DUSTMITE.  Yes our pillows are naturally anti-dustmite.  Chemicals are not added to keep bugs and mites away as are many other pillows that claim to be anti-dustmite.


5.   COOLER SLEEP.  Natural buckwheat hulls have a structure that allows air to flow throughout the pillow. This means that it does not retain heat even in the summer and keeps your head comfortably cool.  Our pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls that are grown right here in Canada.


6. EASY MAINTENANCE.  Buckwheat hulls need no maintenance at all.  Some people like to put them out on a nice dry summer day to re-energize them.  Others like to put them out into the deep freeze of winter to freshen them up.  Our pillows all come with a zipper so that you can wash the 100% cotton fabric.  Simply pour the hulls into a bucket or another pillowcase, wash and return the hulls when dry.  That's it!  You're done!


7. CHOICE.   We now make 5 sizes giving you the greatest choice ever.

     Resting Log        (8 X 10)  38.99

              Travel        (10 X 18)  44.99

                Child        (14 X 19)  52.99

               Small         (17 X 22)  64.99

       Std /Queen        (20 X 26)  79.99  

8. GREAT PRICE.  This should really be point #1.  Please search the net to see what others are charging.  You'll be amazed what a great value we are offering today and every day.  We are truly interested in you and your health and have done our best to make these pillows available to as many people as possible.  

Watch this short video and learn why Buckwheat Pillows  are far superior to all other pillows.  Also how to use it properly to get the  best sleep  known to humans.

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