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Our Wraps are filled with oats or flax and will provide warm, soothing heat to help with sore and aching muscles.  Can also be frozen for sports injuries or to help with migraines. 

Oats VS Flax   

The main difference is the way they feel.  Flax seeds are smaller and so feel softer.  Flax seeds do hold the heat a bit longer but it's only about 10% longer.  


Available Styles:           Oats      Flax

Pouch ( 10 X 12 in.)     29.99    34.99

3 Section (5X20 in.)     29.99     34.99

5 Section (5X30 in.)     45.99     53.99

Tired Eyes (8X2.5 in.)     N/A     11.99

  (with lavender seed)

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