Adult Bibs  Keep your clothes clean when eating those messy dishes or when travelling.

 Beautiful Cotton Prints.  3 styles :

Broadcloth Backing.....17.99

   14"X 17"(from neck down)

Vinyl Covering.............17.99 

   14"X 20" (from neck down)

Heavy White Backing...27.99

   19"X 29" (from neck down)

Stay Cool Scarf/Headband    9.99

Don't let those hot summer days get you down.  These gel crystals can hold up to 100 times their weight in water to help provide cool soothing moisture.  Use as a headband or place around your neck and immediately feel your body temperature lower.  Very popular with  Bakery and Pizza Parlour workers.  

Terry  Towel       11.99

Convenient Terry Towel with wide velcro and loop so you can put almost anywhere in your kitchen. 

Catnip Toy   6.99

Filled with Canadian Organic Catnip. This toy is sure to excite kittys and mature cats alike. 

Catnip Blanket  17.99

Filled with Canadian Organic Catnip. Watch as your cat rolls and plays with the blanket and then naps on it when exhausted.  Easily refillable with a funnel.  Machine washable. 

Potato Sac  9.99

Potatoes cook more evenly as the steam is trapped in the sac. 

Also good for corn, cauliflower, broccoli and many more veggies.


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